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7 Tips for Submitting Articles to Article Resource Sites

Submitting articles to article resource sites should be elegant. But it is surprising how many everybody do not follow some simple rules. By not following these rules it may mean the difference between someone reading your article or not.

Even worse, the article resource page might not accept your article because you left something out or did something wrong.

Here are 7 tips to help you when submitting articles to article resource sites:

1. Make sure you incorporate your internet page link in the resource box of the article as this will prompt the reader to click for more understanding. This is your MOST important selling tool so generate sure you include it on your article submissions.

2. Spelling. Check the spelling 3 times. There is absolutely nothing worse than an article with spelling mistakes. You lose all credibility instantly. That is why I recommend checking spelling 3 times. First, make use of a spell checker on your computer. Second, scan the article yourself on your computer. Third, print out the article and check again yourself.

3. For many article resource sites they have written rules for how to submit articles. If you do not follow the rules, it is likely that your article will not be submitted. Make sure you
read the rules (if any) and follow them.

4. Title. Make sure the name of your article is the ONLY thing in the subject header of your e mail if submitting articles by electronic mail . When I look for articles to incorporate in my own ezine I scan the titles. If the subject heading says New Article for Posting or something like that, then I will not even bother reading the article. No matter how grand it is!

5. Get the character width right. If you format all your articles to 65 characters width then you will have no problems with about 95% of all article resource sites.

6. Set up an autoresponder for each article. Some article resource sites require you to have your own articles available by autoresponder. You can get costless autoresponders from Sendfree.com.

7. Only submit each article once to each article resource site. A quick way to get into trouble with many article resource site owners is to submit the identical article a number of times. It is
just not assessment of worth it!

There are many things to consider when submitting articles to article resource sites. Follow these 7 tips and you should not have any problems.


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